XF 200

Combining high-end image quality with the security and versatility of dual-format recording, the XF 200 is built for HD content creation. Compact and lightweight, it’s ideal for any kind of user.

  • 20x, f1.8 wide-angle optical zoom lens
  • HD CMOS Pro sensor for outstanding low light image quality
  • 4-channel audio recording; 2 XLR inputs
  • Ergonomic, rotating grip


Wide DR Gamma (600%)

The XF200 professional camcorder's wide Dynamic Range Gamma of 600% helps prevent overexposure, even for high brightness areas of an image and/or with non-uniform colours. Unlike the normal knee function that compresses video signals in high brightness areas using linear gamma, a wide DR Gamma retains continuity across the image and enables colour grading.

MXF and MP4 formats supported

Dual Codec Recording offers format choices that can be useful for various post-capture options—namely, Full HD broadcast standard MXF and web-ready MP4 in a variety of bit-rates to tackle the task at hand.

Network Functions

Ethernet LAN terminal provided for a reliable wired connection and greater peace of mind. The wireless LAN connection supports the dual Wi-Fi frequency bands of 2.4 G and 5 GHz*. You can now choose the network connection method best suited to the shooting environment.