Compact 4K ENG camera with 15x optical zoom - a strong contender for shooting on the field

A small, compact professional ENG video camera capable of shooting in 4K UHD 50P / 60P and
FHD 100P / 120P, the XF400 supports not only long periods of internal recording to SD cards, but also recording onto external recorders through HDMI output (up to 4K UHD 50P / 60P).
In terms of image quality, the
1.0-inch CMOS sensor achieves pleasing bokeh effect, and, in combination with the new Dual DIGIC DV 6 image processor, realises high quality footage with low noise even in situations with low illumination. Dual Pixel CMOS AF system and its support for Touch AF enable the precise, tack sharp focusing that 4K recording requires. The newly-developed 4K lens featuring a 15x optical zoom is capable of providing up to 30x advanced zoom during Full HD video capture, resulting in a telephoto-end angle of view that is the 35mm-camera equivalent of focal length 765mm.
These powerful specs, which also include a built-in 5-axis image stabilization mechanism, pack all that is needed for a professional-use handheld camera, into an
ultra-compact, portable body. This is one camera that can handle the needs of shooting scenes that require utmost mobility.

  • 1.0-inch type CMOS sensor & Dual DIGIC DV 6
  • 15x, 4K zoom lens (25.5 - 382.5mm; up to 765mm* with 30x advanced zoom)
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF with Touch AF; 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD monitor
  • Optical image stabilization with Dynamic IS (5-axis image stabilization)
  • SD card slots x 2; HDMI 2.0 *35mm film camera equivalent


1.0-inch type sensor with Dual DIGIC DV 6

The 1.0-inch type CMOS sensor on the XF400 is approximately 6.8x bigger than on the predecessor, boasts a large photosite surface area perfect for translating the subtle gradations into video expected in 4K recording, and also is capable of rendering footage with high bokeh quality as expected from a 
1.0-inch type sensor. A built-in ND filter turret with three selectable densities up to ND 1/64 enhances ease-of-use and convenience even when shooting in environments with strong lighting, such as outdoors in daylight. This is complemented by the image processor, the new 
Dual DIGIC DV 6, which aids noise suppression to let you shoot low-noise, useable footage even with low illumination. The culmination of these key abilities are also what makes it possible to capture footage with frame rates as high as 4K UHD 50P / 60P and 
Full HD 100P / 120P.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF

The XF400 is one of Canon's first ENG cameras with Dual Pixel CMOS AF, an exclusive Canon technology that equips each imaging pixel with the ability to function as a phase detection sensor for rapid, high-precision AF - a powerful form of support for the production of 4K footage that has the requirements for the images to carry tack-sharp, accurate focus. Touch operation of the AF can be carried out over 80% (horizontally and vertically) of the image display area on the 
3.5-inch touchscreen LCD monitor. These Dual Pixel CMOS AF functionalities come together to drive support of continuous AF, capable of carrying out face detection AF and subject tracking. The inclusion of a wide variety of settings enable fine-tuning of AF speed and sensitivity, which ensure that even one-man operation of the camera is possible.

15x 4K lens with 30x advanced zoom

The newly-developed lens with 4K support and 15x optical zoom utilises a number of aspherical lens elements in its construction, providing high image quality throughout its entire zoom range, the 35mm-camera equivalent of 25.5mm (wide-angle end) to 382.5mm (telephoto end). When shooting in Full HD, the 30x advanced zoom increases the zoom rate without the need for pixel interpolation, resulting in a maximum focal length of up to 765mm at the telephoto end. The camera is also equipped with 
5-axis image stabilization, made possible through a combination of optical and electronic image stabilization systems. The Dynamic IS mode, tailored for image stabilization when shooting while walking, aids the realisation of high quality images regardless of static or movement shooting.