PowerShot PICK

Your smart personal photographer

A pocket-sized, hands-free automated camera that picks the best moments for you. Say hello to the PowerShot PICK that not only recognises and tracks faces, it also composes and shoots photos and videos for you based on voice commands. Now everyone can capture their favourite moments without lifting a finger!

  • Face recognition with subject tracking & image stabilisation
  • Automatic shooting with up to 12x zoom (3x optical + 4x digital) & voice-activated controls
  • Wi-Fi and webcam compatible

Say Hello to PICK!

A brand-new concept camera, the PowerShot PICK is your smart personal photographer at your back and call. Just say a simple voice command and it will compose, shoot and recommend the best shot for you. Just sit back, relax, and let PowerShot PICK do the job for you!


Automatic Composition  

Using a pan, tilt and zoom mechanism with up to 12x zoom (3x optical zoom + 4x digital zoom), the PowerShot PICK adjusts image composition automatically based on the number of faces, and the position and orientation of people around it.    

The PowerShot PICK is also equipped with a built-in image stabilisation system to suppress image blurring in photos and videos caused by shakes or movement.  

Voice-Activated Controls

A camera that listens to you. The PowerShot PICK can be activated to automatically capture photos, record a video or search for faces in the area based on simple voice commands*.    

Without the need to have your hands on the camera, this is perfect for group shots, when your hands are full, or when you are simply too busy to take photos yourself. Just say “Hello PICK!” with a corresponding command (e.g. "Hello PICK, snap a picture!") and it gets the job done for you. 

*Supported languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian and Spanish

Automatic Shooting

A camera that shoots for you. The PowerShot PICK is capable of taking photos and videos on its own for up to 5 hours* based on a unique algorithm that takes into consideration your smiles and composition variations.   

No need for a selfie stick or timer, the PowerShot PICK captures natural moments as they happen.  

*Video recording at 30fps, on full charge, without charging or power supply, and without smartphone connection and voice command shooting

Face Recognition & Tracking

A camera that recognises you. The PowerShot PICK is able to search and detect faces of people nearby. Faces detected will be registered automatically and you can set prioritised shooting of specific persons using the dedicated app. Using Nano USM technology, the PowerShot PICK is able to track the subject automatically as the subject moves.

Connect With PICK

Unlock more functionalities by connecting the PowerShot PICK to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth using the “Connect app for Mini PTZ Cam” app.

Remote Shooting & Playback

Manual capture of photos and videos is possible by using your connected smartphone or tablet as a remote to control the movement and angle of view of the PowerShot PICK.   Images shot by the PowerShot PICK can be previewed on the app, which will also highlight the best recommendation from the gallery. 

Save your favourite shots to your smart device, or generate a highlight video* within the app.  

*Only available on iOS 

Customised Shooting

Want to focus on the star of the party? Automatic shooting can be customised to prioritise specific subjects for the PowerShot PICK to focus on.

Detected faces can be assigned names in the app and set as “favourite” for prioritised shooting.  

Go Live on Webcam

Double up your PowerShot PICK as a webcam by connecting it wirelessly to your PC using the dedicated software* "Wireless Webcam Utility for Mini PTZ Cam". 

The camera angle and autofocus tracking can be controlled within the software.   

*Only available on Windows as of Oct 2021. 

PICK Your Moment Anytime, Anywhere

Weighing just approximately 170g, the PowerShot PICK is small enough to fit into your pocket, and lightweight and portable for usage anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s for a party or a vlog, you can easily use it handheld, mount it on a mini tripod, or place it on a tabletop whenever you need to capture a moment.

  • Take group shots easily
  • Record your outdoor activities
  • Capture memories of celebrations
  • Record your own vlog
  • Record your own dance tutorial
  • Use as a webcam


Compact & Portable Design 


  • Palm-sized and lightweight (approx. 170g) 
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled 
  • Can be mounted on tripod 
  • USB-C charging
  • MicroSD card memory storage


*Note: Product colour availability varies by country and region

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