CN-E31.5-95mm T1.7 L S/SP (EF/PL)

The new FLEX ZOOM LENS SERIES has a wide T1.7 aperture throughout the entire zoom range, allowing for stunningly shallow depth of field when used with Super 35mm cameras.

Available in EF or PL mount.

  • Super 35mm compatible with T1.7 large aperture
  • Supports 8K recording with consistent operability with 0.8mm gear pitch
  • Compatible with dedicated relay and mount kits

Outstanding optical performance 

With a design that combines anomalous dispersion glasses with large-aperture aspherical lenses, the CN-E31.5-95mm T1.7 L can provide excellent 8K camera optical performance throughout the focal length. Additionally, by removing the various aberrations present, the CN-E31.5-95mm T1.7 L offers exceptional image quality from the centre to the edges of the frame.

High Dynamic Range capabilities

HDR video provides a wider tonal range, representing a more authentic visual expression. The removal of white and black clipping also increases the visibility of colour bleeding, ghosting, and flaring.

Color bleeding is lessened by the 8K-compatible chromatic aberration correction of the CN-E31.5-95mm T1.7 L. Ghosting and flare are minimised by the lens barrel's optimised coating and light-shielding design.

Gear pitch standardised

The pitch of the three iris, zoom, and focus gears have been standardised at 0.8mm.

In addition, standard cinema-style accessories for video production can be attached for even more customisation.

Adjustable flange back

The flange back can be adjusted when changing lenses. The adjustment mechanism has a cap that prevents unintentional shifting of the flange back.

Adjustments can be made using a flat-head screwdriver.

Improve visibility

The focus, zoom, and iris indicators are engraved into the tilted surface of each control ring, ensuring visibility from both the camera side and rear. The indicators are also luminous. 

Focus scale rings are available with either "ft" or "m" displays.

EOS-EF lens communication support

Data can are transmitted via the EOS System EF mount between the camera and the lens.

The camera will identify the lens metadata, record it and display it. In addition, chromatic aberration and peripheral light can be corrected based on the information from the lens when paired with compatible cameras.

Cooke /i Technology communication support

The lens supports the widely used Cooke's /i Technology communications protocol* and ZEISS's eXtended Data communication protocol*.

When connected to a camera that supports this protocol via the PL mount, information from the lens can be recorded and displayed.

*Compatibility may vary depending on your device and its specifications

Mount replacement service

The mount on the lens can be changed to either EF mount or PL mount, allowing you the flexibility in using the lens with your cameras. In addition, the changeable mount assures your investment in this lens for the long run.

Note: A mount replacement kit is required (sold separately). Mount replacement service is provided by Canon Service Centre or by selected authorised rental providers.

Relay Kit Replacement

This lens series supports both super 35mm and full-frame cameras by replacing dedicated relay kit*, which is sold separately. This offers adaptability with a range of cameras and lets users use as a highly versatile lens assets for years.

*Replacement is provided by Canon Service or select authorized rental facilities. Quality is not covered by warranty after replacement.