The new DP-V2730 is a 27-inch HDR 4K display that realises image expression, faithful to the HDR standard required for high-end reference work, ranging from OB-van and broadcasting sites to the diversified image production environment.

  • 27-inch, the optimum size for 4K image production
  • Luminance (1000cd/m2, 0.001cd/m2) & BT.2020 colour gamut
  • Enhanced black levels, high contrast display for images
  • Improved viewing angle for brightness and colour checking

Professional Production Display

DP-V2730 is the "new generation" high-quality 4K HDR display series used at shooting sites, OB-Vans, broadcasting studios, on-sets, editing rooms and home-based work.

27-inch Display with Industry Standard features

  • Dramatically improved hardware

    High-resolution engine

    • Achieves image quality performance compliant with HDR standards
  • Greater Precision

    High-precision algorithm

    • Realises smoother tone and colour reproduction
  • Precise local backlight control with exclusive optical design

    Panel / backlight system

    • Deeper black and higher contrast
    • Wider colour gamut 
    • Wider viewing angle

4K HDR Video Production Essentials

Luminance performance

The DP-V2730 achieves 1000cd/m2, a requirement for HDR video production (ITU-R BT.2100, EBU TECH3320, Dolby Vision), enabling consistent video checking from shooting to editing on all Canon display models*. And in addition to its high luminance, it achieves all-black levels of 0.001cd/m2, as well as high contrast performance of 1,000,000:1 for video production.


Faithful & natural colour reproduction

HDR offers a broader range of luminance and colour expression than SDR. With HDR, you can reproduce richer and more natural ”true-to-life colour” that gets lost with conventional SDR.

The DP-V2730 features high luminance and a wide colour gamut that allows it to faithfully reproduce HDR images with a wide dynamic range, allowing users to create higher quality HDR video.

Faithful BT.2020 Gamut Reproduction

The DP-V2730 is equipped with Canon's unique backlight system that maximises LEDs' colour, brightness, and other properties, providing an even wider colour gamut. It complies with the HDTV broadcasting standard ITU-R BT.709, the UHDTV broadcasting standard ITU-R BT.2020, the digital cinema standard DCI-P3, and ACES proxy, the transmission standard of ACES which is the colour management standard proposed by AMPAS. It can faithfully reproduce colours in a wide colour gamut video for broadcast and cinema video production.

Wide Viewing Angle

Checking image quality and video in a relay car

There is only a slight variation in colour and contrast when two VEs (left and right) view the center monitor making it suitable for video confirmation. 

Viewing Angle Examples

There are very little changes in brightness and colour from different viewing angle.

Input & Output Configuration

Award-winning HDR Monitoring Assist

HDR Monitoring Assist Features

Simultaneous Display

Multiple display for 4K & 2K video

  • Picture mode can be set for each screen
  • Input terminal can be selected for each screen (example: “SDI Input C” is displayed on screen 1)
  • The image quality of each screen can be set for SDI / HDMI mixed display.

Integration with Canon Cameras

  • Camera metadata display

    Creating convenience during shoots as DP-V2730 can receive and display a Cinema EOS System camera's metadata instead of checking it on the camera. 

  • Automatic switching of image quality settings

    An on-board function links with the display using Cinema EOS System metadata to automatically switch image quality settings on DP-V2730, eliminating the need to adjust the camera and display settings.

  • Canon Log / 2 / 3 support (HDR, SDR video)

    Video display is enabled in HDR and SDR for Cinema EOS System Canon Log/Canon  Log 2/Canon Log 3. These are preset in the main unit’s menu, so DP-V2730 can be used to check image quality by connecting the camera without needing to add LUTs.

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