EF-S55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II

This telephoto zoom lens is designed specifically for digital SLR cameras that support the EF-S series lenses. The lens boasts a high zoom ratio while maintaining a wonderfully compact and lightweight design.

4-stop Image Stabilizer
Superb ease-of-handling assures effortless shooting of fast moving subjects and the compact IS unit within the lens reduces camera shake by up to approximately four shutter speeds steps*1– a must at long focal lengths and helpful when focusing and framing, with the results are visible through the viewfinder.

The IS unit automatically distinguishes between normal shooting and panning. It ensures appropriate camera shake compensation without the need for manual adjustments. This brings peace of mind in situations containing both static and dynamic activity, as well as when shooting erratically moving subjects such as children and animals.

Appealing background blur
Excellent, nearly circular out-of-focus effect achieved by a circular aperture Electromagnetic Diaphragm (EMD). This helps create an even background blur when depth of field is minimized, giving photographers more creative options for portraiture and similar types of photography.

Super Spectra coatings
The lens employs Super Spectra coatings to suppress flare and ghosting – more prone to occur with digital cameras due to reflection off the image sensor. By increasing light absorption, the coatings reduce reflections off lens element surfaces to deliver crisp, undistorted images with natural colour balance.

High quality construction and materials
Featuring a UD lens element to greatly minimize colour bleeding, this lens delivers sharp, clean images that exhibit high resolution and superb contrast across the entire zoom range. In keeping with Canon's Kyosei philosophy of living in harmony with the environment, the lens features only lead-free glass.

NOTE: Can only be used with digital SLR cameras that support EF-S lenses. Compatible with EOS Digital SLR cameras (Applicable models as of November 2010): EOS 7D/60D/50D/40D/30D/20D/20Da EOS REBEL T3i/600D, REBEL T2i/550D, REBEL T1i/500D, REBEL XSi/450D, REBEL T3/1100D, REBEL XS/1000D, DIGITAL REBEL XTi/400D DIGITAL, DIGITAL REBEL XT/350D DIGITAL, DIGITAL REBEL/300D DIGITAL

*1 Based on shutter speed of "1/focal length" seconds, said to be the limited for hand-held photography without image stabilization

  • Filter size: 58mm
  • Max aperture: f/4 - 5.6