EOS C300 Mark III

Canon’s Cinema EOS C300 Mark III is the next evolution of Canon’s professional cinema camera range. Created with broadcast and film professionals in mind, the small and modular body houses the newly developed Dual Gain Output sensor that delivers outstanding image quality.

  • Super 35mm DGO Sensor with 16+ stops of Dynamic Range
  • 120fps in 4K Cinema Raw Light with Modular Design for Camera Customization
  • Netflix Approved
  • 12G – SDI output, Dual Pixel Autofocus with Touchscreen Support


Dual Gain Output Sensor

Super 35mm DGO Sensor

Powered by the newly developed Dual Gain Output sensor, the EOS C300 Mark III captures extremely high image quality in DGO mode. When DGO mode is activated, every single pixel is simultaneously outputting dual gain levels. By combining and processing the information generated, high dynamic range images are created with low noise, pushing the boundaries in image quality.

4K @ 120FPS

Addressing the requirements of filmmakers, the EOS C300 Mark III features high frame rate shooting of up to 120fps in 4K and 180fps in 2K Super 16 mode. Coupled with Cinema Raw Light which offers extensive grading flexibility, this combination of high frame rates and high image quality expands the creative limits for content producers, allowing for greater room in creativity and visual expression.

Sensor Mode
Frame Rate
Shooting Frame Rate
Super 35 59.94p 15 to 120fps
29.97p 15 to 120fps
23.98p 12 to 120fps
24.00p 12 to 120fps
50.00p 15 to 120fps
25.00p 15 to 120fps
Super 16 59.94p 15 to 180fps
29.97p 12 to 180fps
23.98p 12 to 180fps
24.00p 12 to 180fps
50.00p 15 to 180fps
25.00p 15 to 180fps

Modularity For Different Situations

Sharing the same core design as its full frame sibling the EOS C500 Mark II, The EOS C300 Mark III likewise benefits from impressive modularity, allowing the camera to adapt to any shooting scenario and camera support requirements.

EOS C300 Mark III Accessories

Working in tandem with the modular design of the EOS C300 Mark III are the extension units. These extension units provide a plethora of important functions and additional input and output options, battery options and even a Viewfinder.

Refined Basics, Improved Functionality

As the 3rd generation camera in the C300 series, the EOS C300 Mark III further refines the functions which made the previous cameras highly popular in documentary films and broadcast. Improved Auto Focus functions, extensive OSD customization and quicker start up times are some of the software improvements operators can look forward to.

On the hardware side, 12G-SDI allows for 4K 50/60P recordings to compatible external recorders, additional backlit custom functions buttons, a larger touchscreen LCD monitor and an overall smaller footprint allows for ease of operation.

Input & Output Options

Small changes such as 4-pin XLR power and tool less screws also simplify life on set, streamlining the production process.

Ergonomic Button Layouts

Additional customisable buttons and dedicated buttons for LUTs.