Housing a 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor within its boxy body, this multi-purpose camera supports Full HD 50p/60p up to ultra-high ISO sensitivity in excess of ISO 4,000,000. Able to shoot even in extreme low light conditions where subject light intensity is below 0.0005 lux, it enables image acquisition in a broad range of genres, such as in surveillance, disaster prevention and research. Its light and compact body can be easily combined with drones and gimbals, and packs standard professional broadcast interfaces needed for video capture. Using the EF mount, it is compatible with the rich variety of EF and Cinema EF Lenses (including the CINE-SERVO lenses).

  • 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor (approx. 2.26 megapixels)
  • ISO 4000000 with DIGIC DV 4 image processor
  • Canon Log & Wide DR Gamma
  • Body weight: Approx. 1.1kg / 38.8oz.
  • Full HD: 1920 x 1080 / 50.00P, 59.94P
  • Remote manual focus, iris (when RC-V100 Remote Controller is connected)
  • Canon EF lens mount (EF Cinema Lock Type)


Ultra low light performance with over ISO 4,000,000

The 35mm full frame CMOS sensor, with its large light sensing area per pixel, allows not only for seamless Full HD 50p / 60p movies but also shooting at ISO 4,000,000. Minimum subject light intensity is below 0.0005lux*, which means that subjects under moonlit conditions can be captured. With the DIGIC DV 4 imaging processor, footage is recorded with minimal noise. 

* Conditions: Colour, no storage, 50 IRE, f/1.2, 30P, 75dB max. gain (ISO speed equivalent to approx. 4,000,000)  ‚Äč

Small and Lightweight Body

The camera's boxy, rugged design incorporates magnesium panels and supports a multitude of shooting configurations, making it easy to be used in combination with peripherals such as stabilization gimbals systems and camera rigs. The body weighs around 1kg, its lightweight also makes it perfect for installation on drones. The standard professional video recording interfaces such as 3G / HD-SDI, HDMI as well as LANC and RS422 remote terminals are included (works with Canon RC-V100 remote controller). Put the camera to the test by using it to capture the idiosyncrasies of wildlife remotely without the use of lighting that may otherwise distract the wildlife, or by capturing dynamic skyscapes, and be rewarded with high quality images.

Infrared Shooting for Better Subject Differentiation with Colour

The camera features a built-in IR cut filter that can be selected to capture infrared video inclusive colour information depending on the light spectrum reflecting of the subject. Remote operation of the filter is possible, aiding the detailed capture of subjects in a near pitch darkness environment. It also has two built-in ND filters of N8 and ND64, which filter light by up to 3 stops and 6 stops respectively. This makes it possible to shoot Full HD 50p / 60p videos in light-intensive conditions such as broad daylight with minimal highlight blowout.

Details for IP Version, ME20F-SHN, please click here