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    Canon’s New Add-On Applications System for Remote Cameras Takes Video Production to the Next Level
    Featuring innovative Auto Tracking and Auto Loop Applications, the system provides operators with simple yet highly adaptable configurations to enhance video production

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    SINGAPORE, 26 January 2023 — Canon today announced the launch of an Add-On Applications System for remote cameras, enabling operators to enhance video production by adding advanced features through the installation of paid applications. The system now incorporates two innovative applications, the Auto Tracking and Auto Loop Applications to meet different video production needs, and will encompass more applications going forward.

    Aimed at providing simple and highly adaptable system configurations, the new applications operate within remote cameras1 without the need for external hardware such as servers and PCs. The applications support the CR-N7002, Canon’s high-end indoor 4K remote camera currently, and will expand to cover more compatible remote cameras gradually. Designed to improve productivity, the new features help to reduce workload and manpower for remote production, allowing operators to focus on other tasks such as camera switching and content delivery.

    The Auto Tracking Application enables the remote camera to automatically track speakers or other specified persons during commercial presentations, lectures and events. With in-camera visual analysis, the system realises superb tracking capability, allowing shooting with excellent freedom of view, including full body, upper body, shoulders-up and other viewpoints, while following the movement of subjects moving at speeds ranging from slow to brisk3. In addition to the standard image capture of human figures typically required for broadcasting commercial events and lectures, the remote camera aided by its high-performance pan/tilt mechanism can capture the slow movement of subjects smoothly for quality video production. Furthermore, the application features a wide array of adjustment settings such as Composition, Tracking Sensitivity, and Priority Display Area.

    The Auto Loop Application enables the remote camera to automatically repeat subtle pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) staging movements typically performed by operators during the broadcast of events such as sports competitions, and interviews, as well as in the production of TV commercials and movies. Between patrol and back-and-forth motions within specified locations, operators can adjust parameters such as Position Setting to determine the pause duration at each point, Route Setting to determine movement speed, and other operations including Preview and Start, which can be easily configured on the settings screen. Additionally, operators can adjust the acceleration and deceleration of movements as the motions begin and end via the Fade Mode, enabling the automated camera system to mimic professional camerawork.


    Application Release date
    Auto Tracking Application RA-AT001 Mid April 2023
    Auto Loop Application RA-AL001 Mid April 2023

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    1 Application settings need to be configured through users’ PC web browser.
    2 Add-on Applications System requires firmware update (to be provided free-of-charge in Mid April 2023).
    3 Supports walking speed of approximately 1.8 m/s (Approximately 1.0 m/s when shooting at shoulders-up angle).

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