PowerShot G5 X

High-definition EVF for better image composition

Equipped with a high definition EVF and a vari-angle touch screen LCD panel, the G5 X is a premium compact camera that enables you to enjoy unbridled freedom regardless of shooting style. With its large, 1.0-inch type, 20.2-megapixel image sensor, DIGIC 6 processor, bright f/1.8-2.8 aperture, and 4.2x zoom lens, it outclasses smartphone cameras in terms of image quality.There is a large grip that allows for a more secure hold and many dials that enable quick, convenient setting adjustment even as you gaze through the viewfinder at your subject.

  • 1.0 inch-type CMOS sensor & 4.2x Optical Zoom (24-100mm)
  • Full HD 60p, compatible with MP4 movie-shooting. Comes with Auto Level function
  • EVF with a 2,360,000-dot effective pixel count and a 3.0-type vari-angle LCD touchscreen



View all the way to the peripherals with the user-friendly, high-definition EVF

An electronic viewfinder is extremely handy in glaring light where it becomes hard to see the subject on the LCD screen. The 0.39-type high definition organic LED built-in EVF has a 2,360,000-dot effective pixel count, displaying scenes with a wide variety of colour gamuts and high contrast so that you can visualize the final results better.
This high-definition display, together with the ability to enlarge the shooting image up to 10x, makes it easier to achieve accurate focus during MF. The “Fast” Display mode setting and high 120 fps refresh rate ensures effortless shooting of fast-moving subjects with extremely low time lag.

Dials and controls for fast, easy camera operation

High operability is another forte of the PowerShot G5 X. In addition to the mode dial, there is an exposure compensation dial on the top right, a front dial near the shutter button, and a control dial on the rear. These controls are laid out for one handed-operation, accessible with one slide of the finger of your gripping hand. With your other hand, you can operate the control ring on the lens barrel, just like you would on an EOS camera. Optimum torque is applied for each dial for smooth, precise operation that also helps to maintain quietness during movie shooting.

Vari-angle LCD screen that makes it easier to enjoy the many shooting features

The vari-angle LCD screen makes taking selfies and wefies convenient. On the PowerShot G5 X, there is even an enhanced Self Portrait mode, where you can select from five levels of ‘Brightness’ and ‘Smooth Skin’ as well as adjust the aperture to change the degree of background blurring.
The convenient Auto Level feature compensates for camera tilt, enabling movie shooting on the move, or without looking at the screen. Manual movie shooting is certainly possible, and compatible formats include MP4 in Full HD 60p, as well as PAL.