PowerShot GOLF

The Range Essential

A new essential for the golfing enthusiasts, introducing the PowerShot GOLF Laser Rangefinder. Using its precise measuring features, you can strategise and improve each round. You can also record and playback your performance to evaluate how well you did after each swing.

The Powershot GOLF also has the ability to capture images and record videos.

  • Laser Accuracy Distance Measurement
  • Record Video and Photo with Measurement Data
  • Compact & Lightweight

A Perfect

at Every Range

Strategise with Pinpoint Accuracy

It can be hard to plan your next swing when you land your golf ball on a hill. The PowerShot GOLF laser provides precise distance measurements, even on hilly or sloping terrain.

The 'Slope Mode' function can aid in making calculated choices. When using Slope Mode on PowerShot GOLF, the distance measurements are adjusted to consider any elevation changes between the golfer and the target. Instead of merely providing the straight-line distance, this feature gives you an effective playing distance.  

With the effective distance, you can select the correct club and adjust the strength of your swing to compensate for the elevation difference. This will help you develop a better understanding of how elevation will affect your shots.

Digital Zoom

Pins and flags from 7 to 800 yards can be viewed in detail with a Digital Zoom magnification of up to 2x*, making it easy to find balls after a shot or monitor the environment. This feature is also applicable to video recording and capturing still images. 

Image Stabilisation

The inclusion of lens-shift image stabilisation effectively minimises camera shake, giving you clearer and sharper visibility through the viewfinder, even when identifying distant targets.

*equivalent to approx. 820mm in 35mm format

Lock onto the correct flag. When there are multiple subjects in the frame, the PowerShot GOLF will automatically focus on the one closest to it and measure the distance to it. After the subject is confirmed, a "flag" icon will be displayed.

Effortlessly locate the object of your choice and measure its distance. If you press the 'Measurement' button halfway down, the device will fire a constant laser while the viewfinder displays a 'S' icon. After a particular subject is identified using the 'Pin-Locking Function,' a 'flag' icon will be shown before the distance data is displayed.

Capture Moments & Improve Your Performance

During a game, you are able to record both photos and videos with the PowerShot GOLF.

You can record information about measured distances within the image or video, in addition to simply capturing moments. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for you to analyse the data in order to enhance your game in the future.

Additionally, the PowerShot GOLF is capable of recording sound.

Pocket-sized Precision

It effortlessly fits into your pocket or golf bag, making it possible to measure distance or review your previous performance while on the move. USB-C port allows quick recharging between games. It also uses the popular microSD card as a storage media.

Simple Operations

The placement of buttons and switches is optimised for easy operation with one hand. Thanks to the sturdy build quality and exterior design with IPX4 rating, you can have peace of mind when using the PowerShot GOLF outdoors.

Easy User Interface

Plan the next move effortlessly. Use the high-resolution viewfinder to quickly toggle between various important information. Prompts and intuitive icons verify that the subject is in focus and display useful  distance measurements.

Vibration Function

Get instant tactile notification. If you turn on the "Vibration Function," the PowerShot GOLF will vibrate in your hands to let you know that the range-finding process is done.

1 Rain may prevent device from accurately measuring the distance to the target.
2 PowerShot GOLF is a basic range finder; measurement results should not be used for official records or the like.