Speedlite EL-100

Compact, lightweight flash unit for beginners and enthusiasts

EL-100 may be lightweight at a mere 190g*, but it has all the essentials for serious flash photograph—including bounce flash upward and to the sides. With guide number 26 (at 50mm), it has the lighting strength to successfully achieve daylight sync and high-speed sync, which are difficult to achieve on a built-in flash. Compatible with optical wireless communication, the EL-100 can be used for multiple flash shooting, making it an ideal second flash unit for enthusiast users.
*without batteries

  • For use with all EOS Cameras
  • Optical wireless sender and receiver function


Supports bounce flash upwards, left and right

For well-lit, natural-looking images, bounce flash is key. The flexible flash head of the EL-100 can be turned 90° upward, 150° to the left and 180° to the right, allowing photographers to bounce the flash off the ceiling or wall, diffusing the light for more natural results—even when holding the camera in vertical (portrait) orientation.

New Continuous Shooting Priority mode

Nail the lighting in your continuous shots with the new Continuous Shooting Priority mode on the EL-100, which adjusts the flash intensity during continuous shooting. This increases the number of flashes fired consecutively, which might be just what you need for scenes with moving subjects such as weddings and dance performances.

Optical wireless communication for additional freedom and range

Ready to take your flash photography to the next level? The EL-100 can be easily controlled via optical wireless communication and used as both a sender and a receiver. So go ahead, take the flash off-camera and try out some different lighting angles!