Raising the standards of image quality for TV, commercial and independent movie production with powerful new components like the new DIGIC DV 4 image processor and an improved HD CMOS Pro sensor.

  • Canon HD Video Lens (20x zoom, 26.8mm - 576mm, F1.8-2.8)
  • Infrared Shooting Mode
  • Canon HD CMOS Pro Sensor


Wi-Fi capability with dual band

The camcorder offers dual band (5GHz and 2.4GHz) wireless support* Users can send signals from the camera reliably even when used in areas with increased signal interference, such as event venues. User will be able to remotely control camcorder shooting and playback functions via internet browser and it also enable FTP file transfer & media server capabilities via the camcorder.

(*Indonesia supports only 2.4Ghz band)

Professional Audio

Professional audio options include 2x XLR inputs, a 3.5mm microphone input jack and a built-in, low-noise microphone. Audio is recorded in 2ch Dolby Digital format using any combination of inputs.

Full Manual Control

Large focus / zoom ring makes manual focusing and zooming easy via a focus / zoom selection switch. Custom key with assignable function allows users to choose between Tv / Av, Manual Exposure, Exposure lock and AGC limit. The 2 buttons on the LCD panel and 2 buttons, on the camcorder body (total 4) can be assigned with one each of these functions, Forced Backlight correction, Face only AF, Story Creator, Video Snapshot, Priority WB, AF/MF, OFF.