XF 205

Lightweight, compact and fully-featured, the XF 205 combines high-end image quality with the security and versatility of dual-format recording. To top it off, the latest addition in the XF series also support a multitude of connectivity options.

  • 20x, f1.8 wide-angle optical zoom lens
  • HD CMOS Pro sensor for outstanding low light image quality
  • 4-channel audio recording; 2 XLR inputs
  • Back-up recording functions
  • Ethernet LAN Terminal and WiFi FTP File Transfer (MXF/MP4) function


Wide DR Gamma (600%)

The XF205 professional camcorder's wide Dynamic Range Gamma of 600% helps prevent overexposure, even for high brightness areas of an image and/or with non-uniform colours. Unlike the normal knee function that compresses video signals in high brightness areas using linear gamma, a wide DR Gamma retains continuity across the image and enables colour grading.

MXF and MP4 formats supported

Dual Codec Recording offers format choices that can be useful for various post-capture options—namely, Full HD broadcast standard MXF and web-ready MP4 in a variety of bit-rates to tackle the task at hand.

HD-SDI Monitor Output, 3G-SDI Output, Time Code and Genlock

Separate SDI, time code and genlock outputs help ensure easy connection of the XF205 professional camcorder to external storage and video-processing systems. An HD-SDI monitor port and a 3G-SDI port for external video recording handle unencrypted video up to 1080/60p with two-channel embedded audio and time code data at data rates up to 1.485 Gbps. Genlock or Sync Out ports help ensure accurate synchronization to external video systems, while time code IN/OUT ports enable frame-accurate synchronization during picture editing and post production.