Arizona 6160 XTHF Mark II

Experience the remarkable flatbed evolution

This addition to the world-leading, award-winning Arizona flatbed series sets the standard for speed, reliability, automation, ease-of-use, rigid media application versatility and high-quality productivity.

A high-volume, fully integrated, Arizona High-FLOW technology flatbed printer that is particularly effective when the substrate does not adequately seal the vacuum area, for instance for porous corrugated cardboard or severely warped plywood.

  • Varnish: No
  • Max Print Area: 250 x 320 cm
  • Max Print Speed (m²/hr): 220
  • 3rd Generation VariaDot Imaging Technology
  • White Ink: No
  • Light Inks: Yes
  • High Key Print Mode: Yes
  • High-Flow Vacuum System
  • Non-stop Printing
  • Pneumatic Media Registration Pins




Consistent High Productivity

Experience high print speeds with fast, repeatable registration with substrate handling. Continuous printing capabilities ensure minimum downtime and exceptional first-time-right productivity. Achieve non-stop production on the extra-large, dual-origin flatbed table. Designed for operational ease-of-use and fast and easy loading/unloading.

Maximum Uptime

A highly dependable printer that's built to last. The standard Automated Maintenance System provides completely automated, hands-free printhead cleaning for maximised uptime and continuous outstanding quality.

Excellent Print Quality

Realise unrivalled photo-realistic print quality with fast, reliable inkjet production at up to 220 m2 per hour.

Unique Technology

VariaDot imaging technology

VariaDot Imaging Technology

VariaDot imaging technology allows piezoelectric printheads to produce droplets of varying volume on demand. This allows the connected workflow software to specify an appropriate droplet size for each specific image feature. When rendering fine detail such as small type or fine lines, very small droplets can be used, when rendering areas of tonal transition or quartertone values such as skin tones drops of medium volumes can be used and for areas of high density such as solid colours, large droplets can be used. Employing the 3rd generation of the award-winning VariaDot technology, the Arizona 6100 Mark II series offers photo-realistic print quality while using light inks for finer details and smoother gradients in even the fastest production modes.

Experience the Remarkable Flatbed Evolution

Workflow Solutions

The following workflow solutions are designed to help you get the most out of your printer.



PRISMAguide XL makes your workflow one smooth process. Simplify and automate advanced print jobs, including added-value, multi-stepped and double-sided applications, making high-quality print files ready in an instant.

ONYX Thrive

ONYX Thrive

ONYX Thrive workflow software offers print service providers a scalable print production solution based on Adobe® technologies. This enables a true end-to-end PDF workflow from digital file submission through colour management, printing and cutting.

Canon VarioDot Technology

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