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    The uniFLOW Online Express print management solution has hugely increased our productivity. The team at Canon Thailand was very knowledgeable, with very good after-sales service. They understood the challenges we faced, offering targeted approaches that met our needs. Cost control and information security have improved with Canon solutions.

    Mr. Thanom Hommon
    Senior Manager
    LG Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


    The Challenge

    • Inefficient cost control
    • Manual tasks lower IT Team productivity
    • Information loss from lack of authentication

    The Solution

    • uniFLOW Online Express cloud-based print management solution
    • imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction devices

    The Results

    • Centralised print usage tracking improves cost control
    • Automated tasks boost IT Team efficiency and productivity
    • Secure authentication prevents potential information loss

    Business Overview

    LG Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is one of the Southeast-Asian subsidiaries of the multinational conglomerate LG Electronics, a global forerunner in electrical equipment manufacturing, supply and innovation. Within the Thai domestic market, the organisation is recognised as a leader in consumer electronics. With 11 branches country-wide and a total of 300 employees in operation, print usage can be extensive in day-to-day tasks.

    The branches used basic desktop printers that were unable to monitor print usage. Printer toners and paper consumed were manually tracked and recorded, resulting in a laborious and time-consuming process for the IT Team. In addition, there were no security measures to control access to the desktop printers, which led to incidences of lost confidential documents.

    After reviewing the specific challenges faced by LG Electronics (Thailand), Canon Thailand recommended the imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction devices integrated with uniFLOW Online Express print management solution, to address the specific needs effectively.

    The Challenge

    Controlling Cost with Centralised Print Management

    Counting printer toners and paper used was not only exhaustive, but also ineffective in monitoring overall cost. There were no means to control cost, as the manual process offered very little insights on print usage patterns, making it difficult to allocate print cost accurately.

    These issues were fixed with the implementation of uniFLOW Online Express, as print usage data is automatically and centrally tracked on all installed imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction devices. Tracked data improves visibility on print patterns, helping LG Electronics (Thailand) analyse cost for the branches, facilitating the right cost allocation to each department. Moreover, no local server was required, adding a major plus point in cost-savings.

    Boosting Productivity with Automation

    Manual consolidation and tabulation of used printer toners and paper incurred precious time, which slowed down productivity. Generating reports manually was also laborious with only basic insights retrieved.

    With uniFLOW Online Express print management solution, different usage reports can be created for users, devices or departments and sorted accordingly by user or device on the dashboard. These reports showed detailed insights highlighting expenditure and areas for cost reduction. The laborious task was reduced as manual recording were no longer needed by the IT Team. This greatly optimised manpower and resources, directing focus towards more important IT tasks.

    Protecting Information with Secure Authentication

    Desktop printers with no access control posed security concerns regarding the handling of sensitive information. Confidential documents could be easily picked up when left on printer trays. Previous incidents of lost confidential documents were a great challenge that affected information security.

    The uniFLOW Online Express print management solution added a layer of security. Employees were assigned a personal print queue and authentication must be performed at the device physically before documents can be released for printing. With the authentication, employees print and collect their documents almost immediately, improving information security.

    This safeguards against unauthorised device access and misuse, protects confidential documents and prevents potential data breaches. After implementation, LG Electronics (Thailand) reported no subsequent document loss incidents.

    The Solution

    Simplifying Operations and Securing Information with Targeted Solutions

    To ensure long term results, Canon Thailand conducted training sessions on using imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction devices, specifically focusing on uniFLOW Online Express print management solution which helps generate print usage reports. Employees adapted to the improved operations quickly, as they found the implemented solution easy to use.

    The Results

    As LG Electronics (Thailand) moves into an everchanging business landscape, adopting the latest technologies in simplifying operations is crucial. From improved cost control and print usage tracking to secure authentication, Canon’s uniFLOW Online Express print management solution brought a suite of benefits into LG Electronics (Thailand) business operations. These enhancements greatly increased productivity, transforming the company into a seamless and effective workplace for its employees.

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