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    We evaluated several solutions, but found them too complex to deploy, and they were unable to meet the security standards that we needed. With Therefore™ Online, the cloud-based information management solution allowed us to manage our documents more efficiently without additional expenditure on server infrastructure, greatly improving our operational workflow.

    Mr. Brish Bhan Vaidya
    Head of Strategic Sourcing


    The Challenge

    • Information stored separately by multiple vendors
    • Inefficient information access and lack security
    • Labour-intensive information retrieval

    The Solution

    • Therefore™ Online information management solution
    • imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction devices

    The Results

    • Well-organised information on a cloud platform
    • Real-time information access and improved security
    • Simple and quick information retrieval

    Uber is a once-in-a-generation technology company that offers a platform to connect drivers, riders, restaurants and customers, through its various solutions including ride-hailing, food delivery, and even bicycle-sharing services. Present in 63 countries, Uber is estimated to have more than 110 million users worldwide, with Uber India making up a significant contribution to the company’s global operations.

    Dealing with Labour-Intensive Information Retrieval

    As a notable player in the industry, Uber India is expected to collect, store and appropriately use the data of its users via a secure platform. A large part of Uber India’s processes involves conducting background checks of the drivers it on-boards and retaining their records, which could then be provided to regulators and authorities, when needed.

    Uber India depended on several external vendors performing the background checks to store the records separately, and provide the detailed reports upon requests. Maintaining high volume of paperwork and large amount of sensitive information at the vendors’ repository also appeared to be risky on top of the labour-intensive task of retrieving information.

    Uber India had to spend precious time searching for current and updated versions of the reports, as the vendors did not provide version search capabilities for the records.

    Finding the Right Solution

    Inefficient and inconvenient information access prompted Uber India to look for a solution that could organise its business data on a central, secure and easy-to-use platform. It was essential for Uber India to integrate the solution into its existing cloud-based infrastructure for different departments and branches to share and retrieve information easily.

    Turning to a trusted vendor with a wealth of experience in information management and security policies, Uber India found its answer in Canon’s document solutions.

    Information Management Made Simple with Therefore™ Online

    On the advice of Canon’s team, Uber India implemented Therefore™ Online, a cloud-based information management solution designed to securely store, manage and process all types of business information.

    With user-friendly features, convenient accessibility and a handy drag-and-drop functionality, Therefore™ Online made information organisation and retrieval easier. Equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the solution helped Uber India locate reports quickly with just a simple keyword search.

    ​​​​​​​Canon also helped to create a cloud-based folder that allowed the upload of records to Therefore™ Online automatically by simply dropping files into the folder. The solution cut down considerable time and effort spent on storing and calling up reports, boosting productivity across the board.

    Better Integration, More Cost-Savings

    Uber India found a scalable, cost-effective and value-adding total solution with Therefore™ Online. The information management solution integrated seamlessly with Uber India’s existing cloud-based infrastructure. Instead of purchasing expensive servers, the company opted for a pay-per-use subscription that could be upgraded as and when required.

    Therefore™ Online also generates real-time reports on usage workflows, providing useful data to inform and improve business processes.

    Driving Productivity with Canon

    Through the use ofTherefore™ Online with a fleet of imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction devices, Uber India has streamlined their information management processes using a single, secure platform. Documents can now be accessed in real-time and on-the-go. Shorter time spent on retrieving files have increased productivity significantly for Uber India, allowing the company to focus on more productive tasks. The implementation of Canon’s hardware and software solutions have also helped Uber India minimise operational costs.

    Uber India has effectively resolved their challenges pertaining to information organisation and retrieval, proving that business truly can be simple with Canon.

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