Mount Adapter PL-RF

With the introduction of the EOS C400 featuring an RF Mount, the Mount Adapter PL-RF allows for compatibility between the EOS C400 and PL Mount lenses. This allows prior lens investments to stay relevant and usable with Canon's newest Cinema EOS camera by offering full electronic compatibility through the Cooke /i Technology communication standard.

The included Lock Plate fastens the adapter to the camera body to ensure minimal flex and rotation.

  • Full Electronic Compatibility Between PL Lenses and EOS C400
  • Cooke /i Technology Compatible
  • Lock Plate Features

Full Compatibility with PL Lenses

This adapter supports the Cooke /i Technology communication standard, enabling full compatibility with PL mount lenses.

Connection via a PL mount contact enables real-time external output of lens metadata (focus/zoom/iris position and other data, as well as model) and recording and display of information. 

Mount Stability with Lock Plate

Use the included Lock Plate to fasten the adapter securely to the camera body using screws in four places, preventing rattling or play between the camera and adapter for more secure shooting.

The adapter is designed to be robust and reliable through structural studies based on simulations of strength, temperature, shock, and other factors.

*does not support EOS C70 and EOS R5 C