Power Zoom Adapter PZ-E2

Cinematic Zoom Control

The Power Zoom Adapter PZ-E2 is designed to provide smoother, more natural zoom movements when recording video for that cinematic feel. It features a speed adjustment dial and two zoom modes. It supports remote zoom control using the Canon Camera Connect app or EOS Utility software. Weighing only 155g, you will barely feel the addition when shooting handheld.

This adapter enables steadier adjustment over zooming speed for consistent effects.

  • Smooth Zoom Control with Adjustable Zoom Speed
  • Featherweight of 155g and Supports Remote Zoom Control
  • Dust & Drip Resistance

Achieve smooth zooming across the focus range without losing focus.

Remote Zoom Control

Achieve unique vantage point with the remote zoom control* and camera operation via EOS Utility on the computer or Camera Connect on your smart devices. 

*Currently supported camera model: EOS R3 (Firmware 1.71), EOS R5 (Firmware 2.0)


Zoom Speed Adjustment Dial

Adjust and fine-tune the zoom to your preferred speed for that creative expression you have in mind.

  • High-speed Mode* (3 to 90sec)
  • Normal Mode (1.5 to 90sec)

*the mode depends on the attached camera model and presence of USB power input

Zoom Mode Switch

Switch between manual or servo zoom mode to match your preferred zoom style. 

Intuitive Zoom Control

Zoom buttons are conveniently located, allowing you to control the zoom smoothly and seamlessly.

Easy Attach/Detach

The Power Zoom Adapter PZ-E2 can be easily detached and attached without the need for special tools.

The attachment screw can be tightened with hand or with a coin.

USB Type-C Port

The Power Zoom Adapter PZ-E2 draws power from the camera via the lens to perform its operations. The optional USB Power Adapter PD-E1 can also be used as an external power supply via the USB-C port. High speed mode can be achieved with the PD-E1.


Thumb Rest

The included thumb rest accessory helps to avoid touching the zoom ring of the lens during servo zooming when shooting handheld. It can be easily attached and detached using a hex key.

Video Shot with Power Zoom Adapter PZ-E2 and RF24-105mm f/2.8L IS USM Z

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