10x20 IS

Shift Image Stabilisation For Sharper Images

Apart from being one of the lightest binoculars in the world, the 10x20 IS binoculars are also designed to be compact and more refined for better ergonomics . Suitable for users from all walks of life, able to be stowed away in your bag and capable of delivering exceptional image quality--no matter the occasion.

Inheriting features from Canon's renowned EF lenses, the 10x20 IS binoculars have the Super Spectra Coating that reduces ghosting and flare, enabling users to achieve excellent optical performance with edge to edge sharpness and high contrast viewing.

  • 10x magnification with Lens Shift Type IS
  • 20mm objective lens
  • Light-weight


Observe Closer

Able to achieve 10x magnification allows you to watch from a distance without interupting your subject. 

Comfortable Use

Designed to provide superior grip with non-slip finger rest at the right angle for stable and comfortable viewing experience.

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