About FC3 / FC5 Compact Personal Copiers and BC-A1 Electronic Whiteboard Copier - Canon South & Southeast Asia

07 Mar 2007

    About FC3/FC5 Compact Personal Copiers and BC-A1 Electronic Whiteboard Copier

    We wish to bring your attention to the following product models

    Product model

    Sales period

    FC3/FC5 Compact Personal Copiers1986 to 1993
    BC-A1 Electronic Whiteboard Copier1987 to 1990

    A rare occurrence arising from the effects of aging on one of the electronic components on the surface of the circuit boards may cause a phenomenon known as tracking. Tracking is a phenomenon in which dust and humidity can result in the creation of a weak electrical current in an unintended location, resulting in the creation of a conductive carbon path. While the risk is remote, tracking could result in smoke emission or fire.

    There has been no reported incidence of this nature in the South and Southeast Asia region. Nevertheless, Canon will offer free inspections for any evidence of tracking. Please contact your nearest Canon office/representative below.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.



    Contact Point

    BangladeshFlora Limited880 2 9567846
    BruneiInterhouse Company673 2 653 001
    CambodiaRoyal Cambodia Company855 23 428955
    IndiaCanon India Pvt Ltd1800-345 3366 (Toll-free)
    IndonesiaPT Samafitro6221 3455521
    MalaysiaCanon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd03 7844 8333
    MaldivesSIMDI960 324819
    MyanmarACCEL Int'l95 1 202092~96
    NepalInt'l Electroniccs Concern977 1 4421991
    PakistanShirazi Trading Company92 21 2414643 / 92 21 242 4075
    PhilippinesCanon Marketing (Philippines) Inc.632 884 9000
    SingaporeCanon Singapore Pte Ltd6799 8686
    Sri LankaMetropolitan Office Pvt Ltd94 1 437797
    ThailandCanon Marketing (Thailand) Co. Ltd662 344 9888
    VietnamCanon Vietnam Representative Office848-820-0466 (HCMC) / 844 512 1033 (Hanoi)