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18 Jan 2007

    Canon PC-6, PC-7, PC-11, NP-1010, NP-1020, GR-1200 and GR-1400

    Dear Customers:

    First of all, we would like to thank you for your continuous support to Canon and our products.

    We have issued a product advisory for seven compact personal copier models manufactured and marketed between 1987 and 2000: the Canon PC-6, PC-7, PC-11, NP-1010, NP-1020, GR-1200 and GR-1400. As a result of a faulty connection involving the power cord for the fixing unit heater, which occurred at the time of manufacture or during servicing, a limited number of the seven models in question may present a risk of smoke emission or fire.

    Canon will offer customers free inspections for the models in question and will provide, at no cost to customers, select parts replacements to ensure a proper connection should the machines require servicing in the future.

    Should your Canon personal copier be one of the models listed above, please call the respective number below.

    To all customers using the products in question, we extend our sincerest apologies for any inconveniences resulting from this advisory. To ensure that all Canon customers can continue using Canon products with confidence, we will make every effort to achieve the highest levels of quality possible and ask for your continued support.

    Affected product models: PC-6, PC-7, PC-11, NP-1010, NP-1020, GR-1200 and GR-1400



    Contact Point

    BangladeshFlora Limited880 2 9567846
    BruneiInterhouse Company673 2 653 001
    CambodiaRoyal Cambodia Company855 23 428955
    IndiaCanon India Pvt Ltd1800-345 3366 (Toll-free)
    IndonesiaPT Samafitro6221 3455521
    MalaysiaCanon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd03 7844 8333
    MaldivesSIMDI960 324819
    MyanmarACCEL Int'l95 1 202092~96
    NepalInt'l Electroniccs Concern977 1 4421991
    PakistanShirazi Trading Company92 21 2414643 / 92 21 242 4075
    PhilippinesCanon Marketing (Philippines) Inc.632 884 9000
    SingaporeCanon Singapore Pte Ltd1800-799 8686 (Toll-free)
    Sri LankaMetropolitan Office Pvt Ltd94 1 437797
    ThailandCanon Marketing (Thailand) Co. Ltd662 344 9888
    VietnamCanon Vietnam Representative Office848-820-0466 (HCMC) / 844 512 1033 (Hanoi)

    Canon Inc
    Canon Singapore (Regional Headquarters for South & Southeast Asia)

    Note: This notice will also be advertised on the Asian Wall Street Journal (19 Sep issue) and the International Herald Tribune (22 Sep issue).