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13 Jun 2022 (Updated)

    Regarding Inkjet Printer Turns off Immediately Or Goes Into Loop of Reboot

    Thank you for using Canon products.

    An issue had recently been identified in some inkjet printers. This has been resolved as of 7 June 2022.

    We take pride in the quality and performance of our products. We offer our apologies to any customers who have been inconvenienced.

    The printer turns off immediately or goes into loop of reboots after it is being turned on.  This phenomenon only happens if the printer is connected to the Internet (either by cable or wireless connection).

    Affected Models:
    MB5070 / MB5370
    MG6670 / MG7570

    The affected printer accesses a third-party server via the Internet as per the specifications when the printer is turned on.

    On and after 30 May, the amount of the data returned from the third-party server increased and exceeded expected return format. The printer was unable to process the return data and turns off immediately after it being turned on.  Certain printer models go into loop of reboots.

    Latest status as of 7 June 2022: The amount of data returned by the third-party server was decreased to that affected printer can operate properly when turned on.

    New Firmware:
    We have also released new firmware with the rectified data process controls.  We recommend keeping your printer updated with the latest firmware version.  

    Please visit here for latest firmware available for the affected products.

    Contact information:
    Please contact your nearest service centre if you have any queries.


    First posted on 07 Jun 2022