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    Pay attention to the following points when comparing the binoculars image quality:

    lens performance 01_470_b

    Is there colour bias?

    In binoculars with poor lens performance, the light reflection is diffused - colour balance and contrast are affected.

    lens performance 02_470_b

    Is it clear to the edges?

    Some binoculars may have poorer lens performance and deteriorated image quality near the edges, appearing blurred and/or distorted. 

    lens performance 03_470_b

    Are the images sharp and clear?

    Binoculars with poor light resolving capabilities will have images looking blur and/or appears soft.

    lens performance 04_470_b

    Are shapes of the light maintained?

    Binoculars with poor lens performance will have difficulty focusing on the light accurately, resulting in distorted points of light.

    Lens Performance and IS effects

    Canon binoculars feature unstinting cutting edge optical technology cultivated in the development of the EOS series SLR camera lenses. Furthermore, all models are equipped with image stabilization to maximize the performance of the binoculars.

    Common Lens Technologies in Canon Binoculars

    image stabilizer


    All models are equipped with an image stabilization function to maximize lens performance.

    lens tech 02

    Achieving a high level of sharpness and reducing loss of light

    All models are using Porro prism design that prioritizes resolution and brightness.

    lens tech 03

    High permeability and high contrast

    Canon-original multi-layer coating reduces flares and ghosts.

    lens tech 04

    Curvature of field is corrected to deal with blurring at the edges of the field of vision

    A high-performance field flattener element is utilized on all binoculars models.

    lens tech 05

    Clear imaging performance that suppresses colour bleeding

    Special optical anomalous dispersion lenses and UD lenses are used on high-end binoculars models.

    The same family as the high-performance EF and RF lens L series

    The L series is a lineup of ultra high-performance lenses that stand out even among EF and RF lenses for their image performance, controls, and weather resistance. The highest Canon lens technology is applied not only to 10X42L IS WP, but also to the development and manufacturing of all our other binoculars for the best imaging.

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