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    As the light from far-off stars is faint and stargazing is done in the dark, it is more important to choose binoculars for its brightness rather than magnification.

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    Planet and comet watching

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    Moon surface watching

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    Star watching

    Recommended High-performance, Large Diameter Binoculars

    Other than bright, superb optical performance and large-diameter lenses, this model also features powerful waterproof performance for sudden rain showers and temperature changes. It is the perfect partner for a stargazing night.

    Points to Remember when Choosing Binoculars

    Starlight is extremely weak, so a large diameter 40mm or higher binoculars would be better to achieve brighter images. Choose a magnification that suits your needs and use a tripod or binoculars with an IS function.

    Check 1: Binoculars with a large effective diameter of 40mm or more and a large pupil diameter are recommended

    Similar to a camera; the larger the lens diameter (which serves as the entry point of light for the binoculars), the clearer images will be. Large diameter binoculars with an objective lens effective diameter of 40mm or more are recommended for dim surroundings such as star observation.

    Check 2: Choose binoculars with high optical performance

    Poor optical performance result in lens aberrations and colour fringing, making it impossible to observe the true shape and colour of the stars accurately. 10x42L IS WP with optical anomalous dispersion UD lenses features excellent optical performance, making it a great model for observing the true colours and shapes of the celestial objects while stargazing.

    Check 3: Attach a tripod or choose binoculars with image stabilization

    As starlight is weak, a tripod is recommended to minimize binoculars from shaking. Shaking is reduced on binoculars with image stabilization function, making it easier to enjoy stargazing.

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