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    The compact, almighty 8x to 10x magnifications binoculars are the best companion for keeping your load light while travelling. Make your travels more fun with binoculars for every kind of situation.


    World heritage sites and historical buildings


    Stage performances


    Art and other museums

    Recommended Compact Binoculars Series

    These binoculars are compact and portable and they provide the ideal magnifications what is suitable for wide variety of scenes.

    Points to Remember when Choosing Binoculars

    The most important point when choosing binoculars for travelling is portability as you would be on the move constantly. A compact yet well balanced pair of binoculars with good magnification and high brightness features would be your best choice.

    Check 1: IS function for more fun on your travels

    Binoculars with an Image Stabilizer ensures clear viewing with sharp images, especially when viewing those mesmerizing scenes. 

    Check 2: Compact, lightweight binoculars for superb portability

    Size and weight are important factors in choosing a binoculars for travelling. For Canon binoculars, 8x20 IS and 10x20 IS are compact enough to fit easily inside a small tote and they are also equipped with Image Stabilizer function.

    Check 3: Binoculars with large pupil diameter

    Human pupil diameters are about 2 to 3 mm during the day. Therefore, choosing a binoculars pupil diameter similar to natural human pupil diameters will deliver a comfortable level of brightness. Canon has a range of compact binoculars with pupil diameter of 2 to 3 mm or larger which is perfect for travel.

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