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    waterproof specs

    Waterproof specs so that you can even wash your binoculars

    Canon offers true waterproof and anti-fogging binoculars that can be used without worry even in the harshest environment. Never worry while stargazing even during sudden changes in temperature in the mountains or when your binoculars are splashed with seawater when you sail out to sea.

    *Cannot be used underwater.

    All weather

    All weather performance for worry-free usage even when you are caught in the sudden rain

    These binoculars feature splash-proof construction that keeps water droplets such as morning dew, condensation caused by temperature changes, and raindrops, etc. out of the binoculars. In other words, you can use the binoculars at all weather conditions worry-free.

    *Cannot be submerged in water.

    Taking care of binoculars

    If the binoculars are wet from rain or water droplets, immediately wipe down with a dry soft cloth - even for waterproof binoculars. Store them in a dry and safe place when not in use.

    Waterproof Performance and Taking Care of Binoculars

    The worst enemy of binoculars are rainwater and seawater, both of which could cause mold and/or electrical problems if the moisture seep through the internal compartments. When using binoculars in situations where there could be water hazards such as heavy rain or splashing seawater, it is advisable to choose Waterproof or All Weather Binoculars.

    Difference in Waterproof Specs and All Weather Performance Binoculars

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    “Waterproof specs” refers to the binoculars' performance for being able to keep water out even when submerged in water 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. It is equivalent to JIS protection class 7. This construction is great for worry-free usage in harsh environment.

    On the other hand, “All Weather” refers to waterproof performance that can deal with wetting the binoculars for five full minutes with a watering can from a height of 50 cm without water entering the binoculars. This feature is extra useful during sudden rain storms.

    Waterproof Specs All Weather Specs
    Equivalent to JIS protection on class 7
    Functions even after being submerged in 1 m of water for 30 minutes
    Functions even after being wet from a height of 50 cm for 5 minutes


    Lens protection accessories

    Canon large diameter binoculars can be fitted with optical filters. Attaching protective filters or UV reduction filters can keep the lenses clean and protect them from scratches. Optional Anti-Fog Eyepiece AE-B1 can be attached to the eyecup to prevent ocular lens fogging.

    Waterproof specs can protect the lens from mold

    Just as on camera lenses, the worst enemy for binoculars is mold on the lens or prism. Mold reduces the contrast and degrades the delicate optical performance. As waterproof spec binoculars are designed to keep the water out, they can prevent mold growth and hence reducing maintenance during storage.

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