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    Binoculars with 10x magnifications are good for smaller indoor sports and viewing performance in smaller concert halls. When in a large stadium or large concert halls, higher magnifications are recommended. Getting really up-close to athletes or artistes would require a high magnification binoculars too.


    Zoom in on artists and athletes


    Viewing from stadium or a large hall


    Viewing indoor competitions or in small halls

    Recommended Compact, Lightweight Series

    These compact, lightweight models reduce fatigue when using the binoculars for a long period of time, such as during concerts and sporting events.

    Binoculars Series Equipped with POWERED IS

    IS modes can be selected depending on the usage: Normal IS is good for tracking moving subjects while POWERED IS is good for still subjects.

    Points to Remember when Choosing Binoculars

    Choose a magnification that suits the venue size and the kind of activity. Since sports and concerts are usually long in duration, make sure to choose a pair of binoculars with Image Stabilizer.

    Check 1: Compact, lightweight binoculars for minimal fatigue

    The compact and lightweight 8x20 IS and 10x20 IS binoculars are ideal for watching concerts and sports event for a prolong period of time.  The Image Stabilizer offers 5 minutes of continuous IS operation with a single press of button, reducing the need to hold the button down; allowing a more comfortable single-handed operation.

    Check 2: Use the IS mode that suits the play style

    Powered Image Stabilizer mode delivers more powerful image stabilization than normal IS for strong shaking or body movements. It is particularly useful when the subject is at a fixed location. Choose the best IS mode for the play style and player movements so you can enjoy close-up action without worrying about shaky viewing.

    Check 3: Guidelines for choosing the binoculars magnification

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    There are various recommended magnifications depending on the venue size and type of competition. However, here we will talk about the correct magnification for viewing players 100 m away. With 10x magnifications binoculars as the base, if your seat is far from the ground or you want to see the expressions on players’ faces, choose a higher magnification.

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