How to Use Binoculars - Binoculars - Canon South & Southeast Asia

    How to Use Binoculars

    1. Adjust eyecups for users with or without glasses

    Adjusting the eyecup height makes it easier to see when wearing glasses.

    2. Adjust the L/R eye width of the ocular lens

    The L/R field of view should overlap to form a single circle. This reduces eye strain.

    3. Adjust the focus with the left eye only

    First, look into the left eyepiece and turn the focus adjustment knob until the object is in focus.

    As Canon binoculars are equipped with an IS function, the image is stable, thus making it easy to focus.

    4. Adjust the diopter with the right eye only

    Next, look into the right eyepiece and turn the dioptric correction ring until the object is focused while keeping left eye's view looking sharp.

    Now, you’re ready to use the binoculars!

    Tricks to Prevent Shaking


    Keep both arms against your body

    Firmly hold the binoculars with both hands and keep both arms against your body. Holding them too tightly can cause blurring, so make sure to relax your shoulders and hold the binoculars steadily.


    Lean against a tree or railing

    Find a nearby tree, railing, or wall to lean against. This will keep your body from shaking and prevent the binoculars from moving too much.


    Use binoculars with an Image Stabilizer function

    The most effective method to prevent image shake is to use binoculars with an IS function. This feature is particularly useful for high magnification binoculars and to prevent eye strain when using binoculars for a long period of time, such as at concerts.