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    In situations when there are physical limitations to approach birds, such as those on the water, high magnification binoculars are the best solution. On the other hand, to observe birds from a relatively close distance when they more relatively quickly, a wide field of view binoculars at around 10x magnification might be your better option.

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    Lakes and marshes, mountains

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    Walks in the forest

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    Urban areas and parks

    Recommended Binocular Series Equipped with POWERED IS

    IS modes can be selected depending on the usage: Normal IS is good for viewing birds flitting around while POWERED IS is good for viewing birds perching on trees.

    Points to Remember when Choosing Binoculars

    If you are viewing from a distance, binoculars with a higher magnification of 10x or more is recommended. As image shaking is more obvious on binoculars with 8x magnifications or higher, make sure to choose a pair with an IS function.

    Check 1: With POWERED IS, you can use the mode appropriate to the scene

    Normal IS mode is better for tracking birds which are flying. Use the best IS mode for the most comfortable and enjoyable birdwatching experience. 

    On the other hand, POWERED IS delivers more powerful image stabilization than normal IS for strong shaking or body movements. This feature makes longer observations more comfortable by providing a more stable image when focusing on a single point that does not move much, such as a bird perching on a tree.

    Check 2: How to use binoculars for a long period of time

    IS button for less fatigue
    Single push of a button activates the Image Stabilizer for five minutes on 14x32 IS, 12x32 IS and 10x32 IS binoculars. You will not feel as tired as you do not have to press the button continously to keep IS working.  

    Designed with a superb grip
    The non-slip material and ergonomic design on the binoculars provide a firm and steady grip for a better viewing experience.

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