Canon’s superior optics and imaging technology are not limited to our award-winning EF lenses and EOS cameras – these cutting-edge technologies also form an integral core of our other imaging products, ranging from scanners to medical equipment to binoculars.

Canon binoculars are equipped with the same lens coatings and user-friendly ergonomics for clear images and comfortable handling. Image Stabilization technology, especially, eliminates excessive blurring and fatigue caused by hand movements. Be it for stargazing, birdwatching or for use at concerts or sports events, see what you like closer and clearer with Canon’s range of binoculars.

Binoculars Basics

Image Stabilizer

The higher the magnification factor of a pair of binoculars is, the more prominent image shaking appears, resulting in loss of image clarity, and preventing long periods of use.

All Canon binoculars are equipped with image stabilization functions using technology in the development and manufacture of camera lenses. This feature provides a clear, stable field of view in all scenes.

How To Choose Binoculars


There are various models of binoculars available with different combinations of magnification, objective lenses, and effective diameters to fit any situation and use.

Magnification of binoculars Objective lens effective diameter Image stabilizer function
The larger the magnification, the closer objects appear.
Note: Image shake may occur.
The larger the effective diameter, the brighter objects appear.
Note: The binoculars will be larger.
The IS function stabilizes even high magnification viewing for a clear image.