Turning your most memorable photo into a work of art

First of all, try printing the photographs you have taken on several types of paper. Each paper has its own characteristic sheen, roughness and tactile properties. Though you can narrow down the kinds of papers suited to a particular style of photograph, you might be surprised at just how different the results feel from one paper manufacturer to another. 

By finding a particular paper compatible with your photographs and mastering the image adjustment techniques that best suit that paper, the final prints are sure to reflect your artistry and look more and more attractive.

Adjust saturation for larger prints factoring in the viewing distance
Paper texture has a direct impact on the skin texture of the subject
Adjust the sharpness settings for the paper to make your photo more appealing at the viewing distance
still life
Capturing still life with the artistic feel of a painting
black and white
Using Baryta-base paper to bring out the "beauty of blackā€