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    Using Baryta-base paper to bring out the “beauty of black”

    black and white
    By combining Baryta paper and the PIXMA PRO series printer, you can create professional black and white prints. With an understanding of the Baryta paper’s capability to express dark tones, you can enjoy manipulating data to make the most of printer and paper performance.
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    Predictable black and white print settings with Print Studio Pro

    By combing unique paper and Print Studio Pro’s Black & White Printing function, you can easily create monochrome prints of distinct taste. A combination of gray colors that suggest a tinge of color, such as a cool tone or warm tone, and paper that has a unique base tint can also result in more stable results than when color tones are adjusted with image editing software.

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    Load the same paper as that for the final printing, and print the image with Pattern Print. To print the image with corrected colors, type the values shown under the thumbnail with the ideal color balance in the color fields before printing.

    Black and White 7

    By using the Warm Tone settings after selecting the Print Studio Pro’s Print Black and White Photo checkbox and printing the image on an art material base paper, which has an inherently yellowish tint, you can give your photo an antique look with a historic atmosphere.

    Black and White 6

    Print Studio Pro allows you to customize borders

    Borders play a crucial role in the overall composition of your photograph. Rather than just printing an image with the maximum print range available for the paper, you may fine tune the border as an integral part of your work, particularly when using unique-textured paper. 

    Print Studio Pro allows you to adjust the border of the layout by inputting a value or by using your mouse, while displaying a large print result image on the monitor. 

    You can register the settings in My Settings, which helps you when you wish to give the same look to a series of photographs.

    Customize borders

    Baryta Paper

    Reproduces sharp blacks and subtle details.
    art material paper

    Art Material Paper

    Allows you to take advantage of its texture and color.