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    Adjust saturation for large prints factoring in the viewing distance

    When you print your photograph in 13" x 19" or larger size and frame it, it can be affected by ambient light or the viewing distance in the place of exhibition. By checking the color tones on the monitor and making adjustments to raise the saturation, you can make an attention-grabbing and enticing print.

    Landscape 1
    The delightful texture of traditional Baryta paper gives a style to your work. Baryta paper is suitable for printing landscape photos as the natural whiteness of the paper brings to life skies and clouds, and contributes to a natural finish on the print.
    Landscape 4

    Dye-ink Printers

    Dye-ink printers are a very good match for nightscape photographs, in which vivid color and very dark details coexist. Both dark areas and bright areas can be reproduced smoothly.

    Baryta Paper

    Reproduces clear colors and natural whiteness.
    rc paper

    RC semi-gloss Paper

    Reproduces smooth gradation and crystal clear colors.