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    Adjust the sharpness settings for the paper to make your photo more appealing at the viewing distance


    Adjust the sharpness settings, as you would the saturation, to suit the viewing distance. You can create powerful prints without allowing the paper texture to diminish the details by, for example, reducing sharpness for smooth and glossy RC paper or increasing sharpness for less-reflective matte paper. 

    With the use of the Chroma Optimizer that comes with PIXMA PRO-1 and PIXMA PRO-10 pigment-based printers and multiple black inks, you can create a print that has a sense of luxury and dignity.

    Nature 1

    art material paper

    Art material paper

    Reproduces a broad spectrum of medium tones.
    rc paper

    RC Paper

    Helps bring the colors of plants and animals to life.