Capture still life with the artistic feel of a painting

Your approach to still life photography is very similar to that of painting—both allow you to be meticulous about lighting and composition. 

You can dramatically improve the finish of your photos as works of art with, for instance, a blown out white background that takes advantage of the characteristics of the printing paper, or by adjusting the lighting.

By using photo canvas, which has a very distinct texture, printing a subject that has vivid colors, strong contrast, and distinct depth, you can make a more impressive and dynamic print.

Still Life 2
still life

Adobe RGB maximizes the potentials of PIXMA PRO with its wide color gamut


The color space that sRGB offers is reproducible on many devices, while Adobe RGB’s color is larger and more colorful, drawing the maximum performance of the PIXMA PRO series printers.

By selecting the Use ICC Profile mode in the Adobe RGB color space, you can make a print that is closer to its appearance in the monitor. 


Still Life 5
Still Life 4
photo canvas

Photo Canvas Paper or Washi Paper

Adds unique painting-like texture.
rc paper

RC Paper

Maximizes the printer's color reproduction capability.