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    Paper texture has a direct impact on the skin texture of the subject

    If you are looking for a paper that best suits your photographs, it's probably best not to use a photo of an intensely-colored or unfamiliar subject. Our advice is to prepare a photograph of a familiar subject, such as people, birds, flowers, or a landscape. This will help you to easily remember the subject's actual color. Then print the photo with the settings recommended by the manufacturer of the paper. 

    Female portraits are especially helpful in understanding the characteristics of the paper and deciding whether or not it suits you, because the texture of the paper surface greatly affects how the skin appears.

    examples of printing on different types of paper

    Fine tune with Print Studio Pro for the best specific color reproduction

    Whiteness of the paper greatly affects the appearance of female skin. As a slight tinge of blue or yellow may make the subject look unhealthy, it is crucial to find paper settings that achieve a superior color balance.

    fine tune

    By using the Pattern Print function in Print Studio Pro, you can view multiple images with varying color tones on one sheet.

    Thumbnails with slightly varying brightness, color tone, and contrast values are printed side by side, and the setting values appear below the thumbnails; you can then perform precise color adjustments by entering the values of the selected thumbnail. As you can make adjustments while viewing the actual color tones to be printed, you can avoid ending up with color tones that differ from what you want.

    Load the same paper as that for the final printing, and print the image with Pattern Print. To print the image with corrected colors, type the values shown under the thumbnail with the ideal color balance in the color fields before printing.

    rc semi gloss

    RC Semi-Gloss Paper

    Expresses the texture of skin and fabrics

    Baryta Paper

    Gives a sense of depth

    Art Material Paper

    Expresses the smooth and silky feel of the skin